And there goes two weeks

I really meant to post a new blog before September hit and obviously I failed at that. At least I’m only 17 hours off.

I got a ’14 Audi S6 in Estoril Blue Crystal Effect. That’s quite a paint color. It’s also quite delicate so I’m getting into detailing to fix the defects and maybe have some fun there too. I got away from hand washing the cars for a long time, and the paint sure looked like it. It’s unbelievable how much damage those auto car washes do to your paint and wheels.

Anyway, it’s fast, has moderately modern technology, and is generally really nice. I think sometimes it would have been nice to hold out for another M car, but this fits the bill pretty nicely.

Let’s see…what else…

Kieran is doing well in karate, and enjoying sparring quite a bit. “Self-Defense” days often elicit a cheer when I remind him, which neither of our boys are big cheer-ers. Otherwise, he’s doing pretty good at school. Traditional learning environments have always been a big challenge for him, and he has made great strides in being a good student, but it’s still a tough go.

AB on the other hand, does very well at school, although he’d skip class if he could to shoot hoops. To say he’s passionate about basketball is an understatement. ┬áIf he’s not practicing, he’s watching NBA or flipping through instagram looking at basketball related stuff.

I’m no instagrammer. Those kids are so wacky!

I’m headed out tomorrow morning for Cars and Coffee, which should be good to get some “me” time in. Otherwise I’ll be working on some projects this week, mainly prepping the mudroom for painting.

That’s enough for now. I’m sure I left all kinds of stuff out, but that leaves room for more posts.

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