A tale of two Toms

There are few places on earth I hate as much as Costco. Something about the giant carts, too much to look at, and food samples create a less than optimal shopping experience for me with people leaving their capitalist barges in the middle of the aisle creating a traffic jam to go eat some cheese puffs. It takes everything I have to not scream “does anyone in here have any courtesy at all?!?!?”.

I realize the irony of that. But it probably still needs to be said. Even the parking lot is a disaster with driver’s with their heads safely tucked up their arses. It’s unreal.

There was a saving grace though during this latest excursion to Costco, and it wasn’t the fact my family of four ate some average food for lunch for a paltry $15. As I’m sitting there enjoying my greasy turkey sandwich, who do I see walk by but one of the greatest golfers of all time, Tom Watson. He had a lot of toothpaste and was on his way out. I don’t think he had any Kirkland golf balls either, but I’m not even sure if they still sell those. I figure if Tom Watson has to go to Costco, even after winning the Open nearly every year since 1887 and even winning those silly tournaments at Augusta and the “US” Open, then maybe I can suffer through it occasionally.

The other Tom I’m referring to is Mr. Petty. May you rest in peace, and may your music play on for many decades to come.

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