No vids this time

32 days and 8 hours til my next tri. This one will be out at Shawnee Mission Park, and I hear it’s a hilly beast. Which is great, cuz I burn about 100 calories a step hauling all this man flesh up steep inclines. Ug. I can’t get shredded like wheat by staying at home though and laughing maniacally on the trainer while watching Seinfeld videos. I finally hooked up the garmin while I was on the trainer and my heart didn’t flutter out of zone 1 except when I squeezed out a little cheek music.

That was so funny I cracked a smile at my own writing.

Last weekend I went to the Kansas 70.3 Ironman (half-ironman). I got serious goosebumps just walking up to the course. Triathletes are some badass people. Maybe I’ll consider myself one if I do a little better in this next race and turn in something faster than a 4:00 100yd swim time. That’s just nasty.

Anyway, back to 70.3. For all of you who aren’t familiar with Tri’s, there are pretty much 4 distances. Sprint (what I do), International/Olympic, Half IM and Full IM. A sprint is something around a 500 yd swim, a 10 mile bike, and a 3 mile run. An international is 1500yd, 40k bike, and 10k run. IM is 2.4mi swim, 112mi bike, and 26.2 marathon. Fo realz. Half-IM is half an Ironman. I went there to pretty much see the pros and soak in the sights. My hero (and thousands of triathletes’ hero), Chrissie Wellington, was there to pound the Earth into submission. I don’t think I’ve met anyone as nice as her, professional athlete or not. She CRUSHED the women’s field, and took 10th overall (chicking some 900+ dudes), and then stopped after finishing to talk to the spectators/fans for quite awhile. After all, local tri wundergirl Pip Taylor finished almost 17 minutes down on Chrissie, so C-Dub had some time to kill. Chrissie met a lot of kids who’s Daddies were still out suffering in their pain caves and she really had nice conversations with them, asking if they were enjoying the race, and how their Dad’s were doing, etc. This wasn’t a sign a shirt or pose for a pic and walk away. My jaw was pretty much on the floor watching all this unfold in front of me.

So, obviously, I took lots of pics, and had to take a pic of Chrissie’s legs. Shredded like wheat doesn’t begin to describe her. But then again, what do you expect from the current, 3-time consecutive Ironman World Champion?

Maybe I’ll have to up the ante next year and do the 70.3 too. Stranger things have happened! I’ll have to chew on that for awhile though, and get a real tri bike. I’m sure the wife will love having yet another bike in the garage!

Tri thoughts…

There has been a fair amount of other stuff going on, but I think I’ll focus on athletics for this post.

This week is Bike KC week, in which bicycle/bus/walking commuters are able to log on to and log their commute miles. I’ve been doing ok so far, I think I’m just shy of 60 miles, and hope to log about 25 more on Friday. It’s been a lot of fun, and I even got some air time on KCUR/NPR yesterday as I was interviewed by Steve Kraske on Up To Date. You can listen here. If that doesn’t work, go to and look for Up To Date and download Tuesday’s show.

So that’s commuting. Now let’s chat Triathlons. I received my Blue Seventy Reaction wetsuit last night from the FedEx man, and it fits perfectly. I got hot in about 15 seconds after putting it on, so I should be in good shape for the 60 degree water I’m expecting on Sunday. It looks like the temperature should be about 73 degrees by the time I finish my run (9:30, I’d guess?). I’m starting somewhere after 7:30am, and have/need to be onsite by 5:30 at the latest. That’s going to be an early day, but I’m going to bed right after the kids on Saturday night.

I’m still a little nervous about the swim, but I’ll get through it. Britton also graciously hooked me up with a Pinarello Dogma for the bike race. It’s not a tri bike (he was all out), but it is a sweet, sweet carbon road bike that should be a good bit faster than my dear cross bike. And it ought to be for $11k. Yea, seriously, eleventhousanddollars. I might just keep riding all the way to some secret hiding place. So if that sweet ride isn’t enough to make me vigorously splash 750 meters of water, I don’t know what would be enough encouragement.

Packet pick up is tomorrow, and I’m getting excited!

Cyclocross race schedule

Yes, I know it’s wicked early, but I have to have something to take my mind of the tri, you know! I will probably pick up one more race, but here is what I have lined out so far.

9/18 – KC Cup Cyclocross, Swope Park
9/19 – KC Cup Mountain Bike, Swope Park
10/17 – Boulevard Cup, WyDot County Park, KS
11/14 – Leavenworth, St. Mary’s College, KS State Championships
12/31 – Cross off the Old Year, Stump Park, Shawnee, KS
1/2 – Epic Holiday, Tuilleries Plaza, NKC
1/9 Grote Prijs, Hermann Laird Park, Shawnee, KS

And just a little something to get you (me) in the mood even further…

Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships 2008 from bce on Vimeo.


So, perhaps if we didn’t procrastinate in buying a battery/backup sump pump kit, I could have gone to sleep at a normal time instead of wondering if my theater was going to get ruined last night. We lost power at about 9pm, and it came on for about 10 mins around 11:30pm, and then it was on for good around 10:45am this morning when KCP&L came out and replaced the transformer in our backyard. I’m glad that they did, but not too thrilled about the ruts in the backyard AGAIN.

I think I’m just going to pave the backyard.

Way behind

Life is Full Tilt Boogie right now.  I can't believe it's Mother's Day/middle-of-May already.  I'm utterly unprepared and feeling stressed that I won't be able to make it as special as it should be for my wife.  From a male's perspective, this is the one holiday you don't want to mess up.  I think being a mother is the most important thing she does, and if I don't take care of her, no one else will.  Seems to add more stress than I should really feel.  I'll have to put some time in to this!

I had a great trip out to StL last weekend, and despite the tornadoes and rain, I had a great time.  Good food, great friends, and we helped my buddy Stitz get some stuff done on his house so he can get back into normal life.  He pretty much gutted his house and moved some walls around, updated a bunch of stuff, and hopefully he's getting his sheet rock done this week.  Hopefully this project will wind down soon, but there is a lot of work yet to be done.  He has a much greater tolerance for household-project-pain than I do, that is for sure.

Went to Pearl Jam on Monday night, and it was a very good show.  I thought the sound sucked, and it was wicked loud.  I never thought I'd say this, but I actually missed the amphitheater.  Not a big fan of the Sprint Center.  If they ever play at the Midland or a place with some actual acoustical forethought, I'd pay $200 a ticket.  No joke.

I am going to die at the triathlon, it's official.  Or I'm going to miss the T1 time cut.  I might have to revert to the back stroke for the last 700 meters.

K is a babbling fool.  He's getting lots of words out, and it's like someone flipped a switch on his vocabulary.  He is so funny too!  He is always hamming it up and getting a big goofy smile.  Between him and AB, there is going to be a lot of laughs in our house. 

On the flipside, he's been waking up again at 4:15am the past couple of mornings, and that is getting tiring.  This kind of thing comes and goes, so I can't get too bent about it.

There is much more, as always, but this will have to do for now.  See you all soon