So, perhaps if we didn’t procrastinate in buying a battery/backup sump pump kit, I could have gone to sleep at a normal time instead of wondering if my theater was going to get ruined last night. We lost power at about 9pm, and it came on for about 10 mins around 11:30pm, and then it was on for good around 10:45am this morning when KCP&L came out and replaced the transformer in our backyard. I’m glad that they did, but not too thrilled about the ruts in the backyard AGAIN.

I think I’m just going to pave the backyard.

Way behind

Life is Full Tilt Boogie right now.  I can't believe it's Mother's Day/middle-of-May already.  I'm utterly unprepared and feeling stressed that I won't be able to make it as special as it should be for my wife.  From a male's perspective, this is the one holiday you don't want to mess up.  I think being a mother is the most important thing she does, and if I don't take care of her, no one else will.  Seems to add more stress than I should really feel.  I'll have to put some time in to this!

I had a great trip out to StL last weekend, and despite the tornadoes and rain, I had a great time.  Good food, great friends, and we helped my buddy Stitz get some stuff done on his house so he can get back into normal life.  He pretty much gutted his house and moved some walls around, updated a bunch of stuff, and hopefully he's getting his sheet rock done this week.  Hopefully this project will wind down soon, but there is a lot of work yet to be done.  He has a much greater tolerance for household-project-pain than I do, that is for sure.

Went to Pearl Jam on Monday night, and it was a very good show.  I thought the sound sucked, and it was wicked loud.  I never thought I'd say this, but I actually missed the amphitheater.  Not a big fan of the Sprint Center.  If they ever play at the Midland or a place with some actual acoustical forethought, I'd pay $200 a ticket.  No joke.

I am going to die at the triathlon, it's official.  Or I'm going to miss the T1 time cut.  I might have to revert to the back stroke for the last 700 meters.

K is a babbling fool.  He's getting lots of words out, and it's like someone flipped a switch on his vocabulary.  He is so funny too!  He is always hamming it up and getting a big goofy smile.  Between him and AB, there is going to be a lot of laughs in our house. 

On the flipside, he's been waking up again at 4:15am the past couple of mornings, and that is getting tiring.  This kind of thing comes and goes, so I can't get too bent about it.

There is much more, as always, but this will have to do for now.  See you all soon

Post 101

I’m not posting because a) the oil spill has me all conflicted between my green happy thoughts and the fact I drive a V8, b) the fact that it is raining and I want to ride, c) I haven’t felt like it, d) I found this brilliant YouTube video that I think you should watch instead. Hollywood sucks.

100th post

Small achievement, but I bet 88% of all blogs don’t make it to 100 posts, so I guess there should be some sense of accomplishment. I also hear that 86% of statistics are made up on the spot. Old joke, I know, yet pertinent.

I’m fighting an annoying head cold right now, it’s hasn’t exactly leveled me, but it’s not much fun and my nose is getting raw from blowing it every two minutes. Boohoo, poor baby!

I had a great commute yesterday, as usual, and am ready to do it again. Rain, rain, go away! This is not good for hitting the trails over the weekend, and I’m stuck to road riding and dodging screws.

At least I’m on my bike. And I’d like to send out two little notes to the trail users of Indian Creek. First, goes to the middle aged women. I’m really happy for you that you can talk with your friends so much that you barely see me coming. Really, I am. I can only guess what worldly matters you might be discussing. Way over my head, I’m sure. What isn’t over my head, unfortunately, is that 90-second aerosol blast of ungodly funky perfume that you thought you needed to go walk outdoors. It seriously takes 15-20 seconds of riding at 18+ mph before I can breathe again. That is 528 feet, or one tenth of a mile before I evade your funk. For chris’ sake, stop it.

The second demographic involves people who think that the Indian Creek trail system is a dog park for their 80 pound Labs. I’m a dog guy, first and foremost. But Labs are retarded. And so is getting chased by a dog while you’re on a bike. Keep your dog on a leash. If you leave a Pomerian off leash, I may just run it over and use it in my spokes to sound like a motorcycle. Those aren’t dogs.

Forgot to say something

So I committed a total newb act on Sunday when I was out for my “long” ride. I’m just leaving the neighborhood when I realized I didn’t have my pump, but of course, thought “when was the last time I had a flat?”. Surely enough, 10 minutes later in the middle of nowhere on South (way South) Metcalf, I ran over a screw. I went through my tire, and through my tube twice and even marked up the inside of the rim. Freakin’ awesome. To make things even worse, Penny was getting her yoga on and wouldn’t be out of class for about 45 minutes.

Fortunately, I had my patch kit and a spare tire (my Mich Comps were getting long in the tooth), so I went ahead and got everything swapped out/patched up and waited for another cyclist. The first one passed by and even though I yelled at him, he wasn’t looking up or stopping. I don’t know if he had buds in his ears or what. So of course, it’s at least 30 minutes before another cyclist stops to help me. The lady on the beautiful Colnago C50 graciously hooked me up with a air cartridge and got me rolling again. Many thanks to you if you happen to cross my blog!

I rode back to 167th and Metcalf, and then the tire went flat again because of my shady patch job I did on the tube. I re-radio’ed for help, Penny was out of class by then. That was the end of that ride. I think I got 12 minutes in. Rookie.

You better git on that horse

So here we are, about 5 weeks away from my first tri, and training has not been going that hot. I have been riding, and occasionally running, but my swimming is no where to be found. Unfortunately, water wings are out, so I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be DFL out of the water. Time will tell. On one hand, I’m disappointed because I had every intention of hitting the pool at least twice a week, but on the other hand, learning how to swim is a large undertaking, and it takes most people over a year before they are anywhere near fast.

Bottom line is, and has always been, that I have to swim/bike/run my own race. Happiness is going to come from within, just as in life.

At least I had a great ride into work today, even though I was later than I had hoped I would be. I’m looking forward to the ride home though, as I don’t have to carry anything (YAY!) so I can book it!